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An Introduction to the Barrios


Tucked just south of Cushing Street between Stone and Main Avenue, you’ll get a glimpse into the 19th century beginnings of Tucson at Barrio Historico. Now, the area is full of businesses and private residences, but take a look at the thick walls of the adobe buildings and bright exteriors. It’s an homage to a bygone era, Tucson’s roots, and the building blocks of what makes Tucson Tucson.

The Barrio Anita area was built in 1903, and the majority was rebuilt in 1920. Houses are in traditional Sonoran style with flat roofs (Queen Anne additions were added later). This neighborhood was once home to irrigation canals that kept gardens green, and it was a popular spot for Chinese immigrants to settle. Now, it’s home to the Anita Street Market where you’ll find the best burritos and tortillas in town.

Good in the ‘hood

Barrio Hollywood’s motto is, “Where everyone’s a star.” It’s full of family-owned restaurants that are well established in the area. Foodies and families alike love it here for the authentic flavors and plenty of playgrounds. At Barrio Kroeger Lane, the roots are in agriculture, and it’s where you’ll find Sentinel Peak and the Santa Cruz River channel. Enjoy the beauty of the parks and explore ancient Hohokam settlement sites.

Barrio San Antonio is where Oury Park is nestled. It’s where multi-generational families have dwelled for decades. You’ll know you’ve arrived by the decorative gates and public art pieces.

This is just a few of the barrios to explore in Tucson. Where will you start?




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