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Annual Mesquite Milling and Wild Foods Fiesta

Don’t miss out on the 14th annual Mesquite Milling and Wild Foods Fiesta on June 23 from 8 a.m. – noon at the Santa Crus River Farmers’ market at Mercado San Agustin! Scores of locals are bringing their mesquite pods for milling and hammermilling, and of course to taste a selection of wild and local foods. The market is where you’ll regularly find some of the best eats from local farmers and purveyors, but this particular event really sets the bar high.

It goes hand in hand with the Sonoran Desert’s natural lifecycle, and is hosted by the market to help educate the public about the numerous resources that surround the area. Evening activities kick off at 4 p.m. so you can make a full day of the festival. Milling pods before the heavy rains helps to bolster harvesting and results in a richer harvest with less pests and molds.

Pod People

If you have your pods in Tucson, bring them clean and dry for a $3 per gallon cleaning. Mesquite flour is sweet, healthy and a delicious add-on to a number of recipes. You can make everything from pizza crust to granola and dog biscuits with it, and there will be plenty of pre-packed flour on site for purchase. Enjoy a tasting at the event to discover just what this miracle flour can do for any number of recipes.

The craft beers on tap pair perfectly with the numerous food samples. Smoke mesquite apple beer and creosote flower infused beers offer a real taste of the dessert in your favorite pint. Bean tree processing demos will also take place. Come for the morning cleanings, and return for an evening of food, beer and fun.




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