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Biosphere Tucson

BiosphereWant education and fun in the same trip!? We have just the thing for you. Biosphere 2, a  3.14 acre indoor research project maintained by the University of Arizona, is a tour you can’t miss. This science research facility was created for the purpose of researching sustainability. Sealed off completely from the earth, scientists were sealed inside the Biosphere to conduct research and measure survivability in 1991 and again in 1994. The University of Arizona obtained the project in 2011 and still uses it today to support its continuing research.

Throughout the year, the University offers tours to visitors of all ages. With various ecosystems, there is plenty to learn. Walk through the Mangrove wetlands and the Savannah grasslands. You may seat through the rainforest only to find yourself in the ocean the next minute. No matter your age, you will be captivated by this amazing project. The in-depth tour will give you fun facts about the earth and tell you all about the scientist that lived in the Biosphere along with the work they did over the course of their two year stint locked inside.

Be sure to check out the Biosphere’s website. There may be certain restrictions due to physical ability and/or health. Also, be sure to look for a discount coupon as they are always floating around somewhere.


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