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Colossal Cave Mountain Park


If you think Tucson is gorgeous, you haven’t seen anything yet! Deep underground are caves and caverns full of crystals, and this incredible underbelly is a family-friendly outing you can’t miss. Head to Colossal Cave Mountain Park and discover another world. The regular tour is just under an hour, suitable for kids at just half a mile, and you’ll be led by an expert who shares the history, legends, and geology of the caves. The caves are always 70 degrees, and tours are available yearly during daylight hours starting at every hour.

Maybe the Daytime Ladder Tour is more your speed, where you can go off-course, if you’re at least 12 years old, and explore parts of the caves that are only partially developed. For 90 minutes you’ll be climbing ladders, wiggling through narrow passages, and learning even more about the cave histories. Some agility and physical prowess is required.

Tucson’s Other World

The Nighttime Ladder Tour comes with an optional dinner and requires even more physical strength, but is well worth the effort! Make sure to get reservations at least a week in advance for this popular tour. Otherwise, you may want to consider the Wild Cave Tour, the most demanding of all, where you can choose from an intermediate or advanced tour group.

The Candlelight Tour is the latest addition, offering a romantic and adventurous outing unlike anything you’ve seen before. Carry a candle, and see how the caves came to life thousands of years ago!

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