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Hike Picture Rocks


The Picture Rocks petroglyphs are right off Picture Rocks Road and tucked into the Tucson Mountains. Part of the Saguaro National Park West located on Signal Hill, the rocks are a legend in the area but many locals haven’t seen them in person. There are three petroglyphs to discover, all a short drive from your downtown guest room. The most famous are a short hike from a picnic area on Signal Hill and include the stunning views often featured in Arizona tourist brochures.

The brilliant colors of the rocks are from the dry washes that are perched along the hills. You’ll also find a bevy of hiking trails leading to canyons that have been created by the washes over the centuries. Stroll through a cactus forest and discover the flora and fauna of desert life. Trails total just 13.6 miles, making it an accessible adventure for nearly any age.

Magic Hour

The prehistoric rock carvings, or petroglyphs, let visitors get a glimpse into the early civilizations that once called Tucson home. Find them during sunrise or sunset for especially spectacular colors and photos. Plus, dawn and dusk in June is the only reasonable time for a safe and cool hike.

The trails are well maintained and visible, but it’s still a good idea to pick up a trail guide from a local visitor center. Pack a picnic from a local grocer or restaurant, and see a side of Tucson where few venture—but there are endless gains to be found.




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