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Hike Pusch Ridge


Many say the only real way to see Tucson is with a hike, and Pusch Ridge is the most famous feature in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness Area. Part of the Santa Catalina Mountains and governed by the Coronado National Forest, it was named for George Pusch. The pioneer moved to Arizona from Germany and founded Steam Pump Ranch close to the ridge in 1874. Today, the area is known as Oro Valley.

At the time, the Steam Pump Ranch was one of the biggest ranches in Arizona. Pusch went on to become a legislator of the state, and he was one of the delegates for the Constitutional Convention of 1910. However, it’s the beauty of the hike that really makes the area a favorite for outdoor lovers.

Hiking Tucson

For many, Pusch Peak is the most traveled area, although there are a total of three peaks. Whether you chooses Bighorn Mountain for a moderate hike or Table Mountain for a steeper incline, there are options for hikers of all abilities.

March is the perfect time for a Tucson hike, with the weather relatively moderate. Still, it’s best to plan an early-morning hike to take in the sunrise and stay a little cooler. Ask your front desk staff about more hiking options, too!


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