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Optimize Your On-Site Exercise Room

At this Best Western Tucson, there’s no need to neglect your exercise regimen. Complete with a state of the art workout facility, everything you need for a full and challenging workout is steps away from your room. However, you may still need a little creativity to make the most of each workout. Whether it’s cardio, strengthening, endurance, or HIIT day, consider these suggestions for optimizing your materials on hand. The elliptical machine and treadmill are all travelers need for an intense cardio session—choose from various terrains, walking a steep incline instead of running on flatter surfaces, or switch between machines to maximize the results.

The exercise room is located directly off of the pool, so you can warm up (or cool down) with a few laps under the Tucson sky. The recently renovated workout space features a lat pull-down machine, chest press machine, and free weights in every imaginable size. It’s best to complete a brief, 10-minute cardio warmup before using the bulk of your energy and strength on fatiguing your muscles with weighlifting. After a lifting session, a moderate cardio session for 30 minutes can help muscles relax.


Designing a Travel Fitness Regimen

Rest days are important, though most people don’t need more than one or two per week. However, staggering your workouts—especially weightlifting—is important. Utilize the exercise room for your lifting days, but for your cardio head outdoors to soak up some Vitamin D on the many hiking and biking trails in the area.


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