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All Souls Procession Weekend


One of the biggest Day of the Dead events takes place in Tucson November 4 – 5. Established in 1990, the Many Mouths One Stomach festival is highlighted with a procession from 4 a.m. (yes, that’s pre-dawn) until 10 p.m. on November 5. Known for its cultural and spiritual significance as well as the outlandish public ceremonies and inclusive nature, the procession started nearly 30 years ago with a ceremonial performance in downtown by artist Susan Johnson.

Johnson was grieving the death of her father and found comfort in the creative and celebratory process. Johnson states: “From the beginning, it was different people’s ethnic groups, difference cultures, but also it was all these different art forms put together.” Artists have been the backbone of the festival, and today the event rallies more than 150,000 participants to the streets of downtown for the two-mile long procession.

Southwestern Roots

The procession ends with a ceremonial burning and offering in a massive urn. It’s where wishes and hopes are offered to those who have passed on. You’ll find performers, altars, installation art and much more throughout the two-day event. Everyone is welcome to join the procession. If you’d like, bring an offering that’s able to burn to get the full experience. (A note written on paper is popular.)

An homage to our ancestors and a remembrance of loved ones who have passed, it’s a must-see event for anyone in Tucson. Keep up with the latest updates at the official site.




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