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Take a Flying Leap! (In a Hang glider)


You already know Tucson is nestled in one of the most gorgeous states, but hang gliding gives you a true one-of-a-kind bird’s eye view! There are a few choices, including Sonora Wings which offers both discovery flights and flight training. Choose from a variety of introductory, tandem flights based on just how high you want to soar. With the help of your instructor, you take the reins to guide the glide back to earth.


Arizona Airfoils is another option backed by the local hang gliding association, and the introductory package includes 1-2 hours of ground training followed by up to three hours of taking flights! Select from a variety of packages based on your experience (none is fine) and how long you want to be in the air.

Hanging Out

Sky Masters School of Hang Gliding combines safety with having a blast. Tandem introductory flights are reasonably priced, and you can tack on a media experience to record your day of taking to the skies. There’s also Tucson Hang Gliding, another outfit that offers experiences ranging from a bucket list first flight to instructor training.

September is the perfect time of year to discover Tucson in a brand new way. It’s a guaranteed shot of adrenaline that you’ll never forget.


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