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Thanksgiving Tucson-Style


Thanksgiving in Tucson wouldn’t be complete without a little blending of tradition with southwestern flare. Check out Mimi’s Café for their famous Thanksgiving take-away with all the trimmings. Set up your own spread in your oversized guest room with every imaginable side (many with a little extra kick!), your choice of turkey cut, and of course ample dessert options.

Maynard’s Market and Kitchen offers Thanksgiving fare wine pairings throughout the holiday week. Enjoy an eclectic offering of wine flights, each one artfully paired with one of your favorite Thanksgiving meals. From dry whites to complement a juicy turkey breast to succulent reds that go perfectly with a holiday roast, it’ll quickly become your new favorite tradition.

Thank You, Tucson!

Pastiche is a very popular option for Thanksgiving Day, and you’ll want to book your table soon. The wine selection is impressive, and pairing Thanksgiving with brunch items ensures everyone will get exactly what they’re craving. Don’t miss out on this American classic, especially where there are surprise holiday menu items that are guaranteed to be drool-worthy, like their special crusty pecan dessert.

Agustin Kitchen has a gourmet chef ready to tackle Thanksgiving demands with flair. The farm fresh greens, dried cranberries and dates with Brussels sprouts and horseradish cream dressing, and signature cocktails including a grapefruit-whiskey combination are why this restaurant has such a strong following.

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