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The Gaslight Theatre


For nearly four decades, the Gaslight Theatre has been hosting fun for all ages and it all started with a local U of A student from the drama department. After an excursion in Alaska, Tony Terry Jr. and his friends created the Mighty Moose Melodrama Theatre with just a single production in the Upper 48th. However, after returning to Tucson the group just couldn’t get enough of the theatre and the Gaslight was born in a red barn in Trail Dust Town.

The barn, even with 100 seats, was quickly outgrown and in 1980 a new 223-seat theatre was constructed. Finally, the old Jerry Lewis Theatre was snagged by the troupe, renovated and Little Anthony’s Diner was added. That’s how fans know the theatre these days, and you’ll still find plenty of the original crew members on board.

The Little Theatre That Could

Throughout the summer, you can score tickets to “Spider-Guy,” with “The Phantom of the Opera” starting August 31st. Concerts are regularly added to the theatre, so keep an eye on the calendar for last-minute additions and special events while you’re in town. All shows and concerts go well with the impressive beer and wine menu.

The “Temptations” include a sizzling cheese crisp with green chilies, fried zucchinis, deluxe nachos and fresh salads with local ingredients. After a day of adventure in Trail Dust Town, stop by for a show, a snack and a fun-filled evening at Tucson’s favorite little theatre.


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