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The Quaint Reid Park Zoo

Reid Park ZooA staple of the Tucson area is Reid Park Zoo. This 17 acre animal sanctuary makes up for its size with the exotic and cool animals. With a small personal feel, Reid Park Zoo has so much to offer.

Featuring four zones, organized by the habitats of the animals they host and over 500 different animals, you will be amazed at the various species and interesting animals that you don’t see in many zoos these days. Take the Polar Bear for example or the Aldabra giant tortoise from South America. The African zone has sought after lions and giraffes. Tour the Asian habitats and see the beautiful tiger and Malayan sun bear. No matter which habitat, you will see something new and exciting.

Usually, the earlier you visit the better due to the hot summer heat. Visiting earlier in the day when it is cooler gives you a better chance of seeing the animals up and active. Check out the giraffe feeding while you visit. The Summer Safari Friday Nights gives you a chance to catch the animals in cooler temperatures one evening each month and provides fun activities including scavenger hunts, crafts and animal encounters. Grab a bite to eat and even a beer as you enjoy the zoo at a ‘cooler’ hour.


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