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Tucson is Calling …

Famous for its food, no trip to Tucson is complete without generously sampling the local flavors. Even better, much of the city’s best foods are budget-friendly and tap into regional inspiration from Mexico, Spain and Native American cultures. Perhaps one of the most beloved treats is the Sonoran Dog. There’s no denying that there’s gourmet dishes to spare, but nothing can beat a hot dog stuffed in a roll, wrapped in bacon and covered in onions, salsa, mayonnaise, pinto beans, mustard and tomato.

Head to a local taqueria to find various spins on the Sonoran Dog, or of course for street tacos just like abuela makes. In Tucson, you can find a massive burrito for around six dollars, and pairing these monsters with a two dollar Sonoran Dog on the side completes one of many gastro journeys.

In the mood for some fusion? Get your taco with Indian fry bread instead of the traditional shell, and fall in love with Native/Mexican food at first bite. You’ll find Indian tacos at numerous stops, but the Café Santa Rosa is often ranked as one of the best.

Since Tucson is nestled along Interstate 10 and just 70 miles from the Mexican border, visitors flock to the city for authentic tastes of Mexico. The local airport is just eight miles from downtown, and to beat the heat visit in the winter. Of course, that’s also prime tourist season so plan accordingly and book an affordable room with all the amenities of home. If you’re in town for the annual Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase, the biggest in the country held the first two weeks in February, make sure to plan your itinerary to include plenty of stops at food trucks, mom and pop joints, and under the radar establishments.

Many visitors choose to drive to Tucson, while others fly in and depend on the convenient public transportation system to explore. Bike rentals are popular and affordable since Tucson is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the nation. You’ll find more than 500 miles of bike lanes, including the famous Loop, and cycling is a unique way to explore lesser known hot spots.

Swing by BK Tacos or El Perro Loco’s food truck for genuine yet innovative flavors. Fried to order chips and unique salsas boasting flavors like blueberries and horseradish are staples at many quaint joints. If you’re lucky enough to be in town for the Tucson Truck Roundup, hopping from mobile kitchen to trucks is an adventure in itself.

Finally, don’t miss out on the Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food just south of downtown. From panaderias to taquerias, this stretch has it all.


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