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Tucson’s Best Thai

If it’s Thai food you’re craving, Tucson has you covered with some of the spiciest, most innovative and flavorful offerings around. Start your journey at Bangkok Cafe, always MSG-free and renowned for authenticity. The po pia todd, satay kai, and thoong tong are the best starters. Try the Bangkok yum salad with grilled chicken strips and egg slices, or the kang ped entrée featuring bamboo shoots, spicy red curry, basil in coconut milk and your choice of protein.


At Char’s Thai Restaurant, you’ll be treated to a full vegetarian menu (for those who eat kind) as well as traditional menus. The hot and spicy combination starter offers bamboo shoots and green beans with your choice of protein in a hot and sweet sauce. Thai curry is a hot dish with bell peppers and goes well with pork belly. Check out the lunch specials with all dishes under $8 for a real treat.

Time for Thai

Luckie’s Thai-Asian Cuisine is a favorite intimate spot for locals. There’s even a separate Chinese and dessert menu for those who want to Thai one on—and then some. Sweet rice with mango, a fried banana, sweet sticky rice and homemade Thai coconut ice cream are just a few of the treats in store. Steamed or fried dumplings, BBQ pork sliced and hot, or the broccoli in oyster sauce are all top picks.

At Bai Thong, you’ll find authentic Thai fare like pad prig sod with hot green peppers and onions stir fried with pork, beef or chicken. Try the classic pad Thai with rice noodles mixed with bean sprouts, green onions, eggs, and peanuts, with your pick of an extra protein. No matter where you go to get your Thai fix, Tucson is sure to deliver with ample flavor.


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