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U of A History

The University of Arizona is one of the most esteemed universities in the country, with a rich history and thriving traditions. It opened October 1, 1891 with 32 students (and just six freshmen). The remainder were part of an early prep school program since, at the time, zero high schools existed in Tucson. U of A maintained the prep school aspect for 23 years while students rode horses to campus and hitched them on Old Main.


A Thanksgiving game in 1914 led to the massive “A” being mounted on Sentinel Peak, which was also part of a civil engineering project. Memorial Fountain was dedicated in 1920 in honor of student warriors who lost their lives in WWI. In 1926, a beloved football player “Button” Salmon was critically injured in an auto accident. Legend has it that his last words, when Athletic Director J.F. McKale visited him, was “Tell them…tell them to bear down.”

Traditions Today

A history of sports (especially football) and military pride continues to course through the veins of U of A today. “Bear Down, Arizona!” is the university’s official fight song, and these words are hugely featured on the roof of the gymnasium. The annual spring fling brings together 18,000 attendees. The Pride of Arizona Marching Band is consistently ranked in the top five in the country.

Staying at a Tucson hotel during spring fling and spring sporting events is a real privilege. Make the most of it!




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